I am Cecilia Madden and I started this blog to share some of the details of my home and family life.  I am an incredibly lucky lady, with a charming husband and a beautiful daughter, and until I met these two people I never imagined what it would feel like to desperately want to make a perfect birthday cake from scratch…or set a perfect Thanksgiving table for ten…or sew my own couch cushions or do anything with a needle and thread for that matter.  At the risk of embarrassing myself, I’ll admit that the only thing I ever imagined for myself was growing old in an apartment, alone, with a bunch of birds (I’m allergic to cats).  But these two amazing people have deeply changed my expectations.  They have made me more generous, more kind, and dare I say, they have domesticated me.  Most importantly they have made me challenge and redefine what the roles of mother and wife mean for me.  They’ve challenged my notion of what kind of woman I am supposed to be.

So this little blog is where you can follow my adventures.  I will cook, bake, sew, climb, run, decorate, do yoga poses, play with stickers, and maybe even find something to do with all those ripped up pages from board books.  I will share neurotic charts and lists with you for staying organized (a lifelong habit of mine which incidentally helps me stay sane in the face of taking on too much).  I will spill my guts (but not too much).  And I will always thoroughly appreciate you for reading along.

Thanks for stopping by!