Month in Review / Stuff I Forgot to Mention

by cecimadden

So many things I never got around to telling you about this month.

  • Rachel loves her new daycare.  We are calling it preschool, because she hated daycare so much last year.  (If we even drive down the road that leads to the daycare she gets a little antsy.)  Before her first day at the new daycare we kept telling her that it would be so much fun and that she would make new friends.  It’s now quite endearing when we’re hanging out with grownups and they ask her what she does at preschool all day and her response is, “Make new friends!”  Her teachers are so loving and the facility is top notch.  It couldn’t be a better fit.  Rachel’s favorite day so far was “pajama day,” because she finally got to wear her Tinkerbelle top to school.
  • Jim and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  It was a simple celebration, which I think is the best kind.  It involved candles, Tastycakes, dill pickles, havarti cheese, and red wine.  Oh, and flowers.  Can’t forget the gorgeous flowers.  And lots of reminiscing about our awesome wedding.  (The vase pictured above is a “gurgling cod.” Have you ever heard of these?  Very New England, I’m told.  It was a wedding gift from Jim’s aunt and when I opened it up at a wedding shower in Massachusetts, I kind of made a confused face then I heard a collective “ahhh” from the women attending the shower, followed by, “very traditional gift.”)
  • I helped to host a baby shower for my very best friend.  I never thought I would say this about a baby shower, but it was truly delightful.  The other women who planned the activities and such simply nailed it.  (I stuck to handling what I know, which is food.  And incidentally I now know how to make the silkiest, melt-in-your mouth quiche, ever.  Use this recipe.)
  • Our garden plot is thriving.  Our two plots I should say.  I upped the ante this year and asked for a second plot, and thankfully an extra one was available.  I cannot say enough about community gardening.  I’ll definitely share more in a separate post.
  • I am running a lot these days.  Just saying that makes me nervous for some reason…like I might jinx it or something.  I am taking it way easy half the time, and mixing in interval workouts the other half of the time.  I think this is helping me not to push myself too hard every single day.

That just about catches us up, I think.  I’m so excited that it’s officially summer.  We’re planning trips, and adding summery recipes to the must-try list, and getting excited for pool/beach season.  How ’bout you?