Merry Meade Farm / Checking In

by cecimadden

Hey there.  How’s it going?  We’ve been settling into a new routine with Jim transitioning into his new job and now summer classes, and Rachel transitioning into her new daycare (she LOVES it).  Plus, I’ve been totally busy at work, writing annual performance reviews.  (There’s no quicker way to stifle creativity than to make someone write 10 staff performance reviews, I tell ya.)  We are all so looking forward to the long holiday weekend.

Do you have fun plans for Memorial Day?  We might have to go back to Merry Meade Farm to grab some ice cream and pet the pigs.  A few weeks ago we ran into some neighbors and they insisted that we join them for “the best ice cream you ever tasted.”  (Did they really have to do any convincing after that declaration?) The ice cream was seriously good, plus the farm itself was worth the visit.  We saw all the traditional farm animals up close, then we perused their awesome garden center and cute little shop/foodie paradise where they sell pickled vegetables and homemade pasta and fresh nut butter and all sorts of other treasures.

It’s going to be hot and sunny all weekend, so I’m sure ice cream will be involved one way or another.   Have a happy weekend!