Fort Washington Park

by cecimadden

So, continuing on our playground tour…

You may think that once you’ve seen one playground, you’ve seen them all, but friends, that is not true.  Once you’ve seen a dozen, you still haven’t seen them all.

We randomly, but delightfully, ended up at Fort Washington Park on Sunday and the playground there had at least two features that I had yet to see at a playground.  One was the fake mountain climb, above.  (Conquered, below.)

And the other was the cool tube ladder-things (official name) that you could climb up to the top.  Seriously, they were cool.

Look how satisfied Rachel looks after scaling the cool tube ladder-thing.  Quite an accomplishment, I have to agree.

And they had the traditional playground stuff too.  Classic, can’t be beat: slides…

…and swings…

And I even got Rach to ride one without Jim’s help!