Rachel in April

by cecimadden

Hello my little silly pie.  In the last month, Rachel, you have become so chatty.  You retain every episode of every day, it seems, and of course you love to retell each one.  Your vocabulary and your memory amaze me.  Lately one of my favorite moments of the day is when we lay in bed after we’ve washed up and read our stories: there’s nothing left to do but go to sleep.  You roll over to face me and you whisper, “Conversation?”  I know you’re stalling, but I think you’re also completely sincere.  You really want to fall asleep talking with me.  So I ask you what you want to have a conversation about and we proceed to lay there and chat.  Some nights we chat about colors of the rainbow, some nights we chat about movies, some nights we just chat about/list all the people who we love.  It is such a treasured time.  And on good nights, rather than finish the conversation, we both close our eyes and breathe a little more deeply, and wander into dreamland, together.

You are so sweet and loving.  This month you’ve had a chance to see a few of your family members, which has been a real treat.  Thanks to Face Time, you’ve seen your cousin Anabelle several times in the last few weeks.  Seriously, to hear her say, “Hi Rachel,” and hear you reply, “Hey Anabelle,” is so heart melting.  You both say it shyly and with a smile.  It’s so cool to see your love grow for each other.

You also got to see your Tia Sarah (dad’s cousin Sarah, actually), and your Uncle Shelly.  You had so much fun running up and down the hall and then telling Uncle Shelly, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!” (Thanks to Tia Sarah for incorporating that phrase into your repertoire!)

You are silly, and smart, and it’s tough for me to stay ahead of you sometimes.  You are the greatest challenge and joy of my life.  I love you, baby pie.