Lady Bug Release

by cecimadden

We had the best time at our community garden kickoff party this weekend.  We expected it to be fun, but we did not expect there to be a live band, an artist doing live painting, free food for lunching and snacking, and 4 other two and a half year olds to run around with and enjoy the whole thing.  Oh, AND a lady bug release!  Have you ever seen such a thing?  Truly, truly cool.  They’re the good bugs that keep the bad, plant-killing bugs at bay and several thousand of them are now living in our garden, ready to get to work.  (You’ll notice all the little boys hands outstretched to launch lady bugs out into the air…but not Rachel’s.  She was just fine with watching.  It was pretty fascinating!)

I’m sprinkling some metaphorical lady bugs on the week ahead.  How about you?