Blue Marble Books

by cecimadden

On Saturday we went to discover what Blue Marble Books in Mount Airy is all about. It’s a converted row house- super charming- and they were having a literary festival. Lucky us!

They had authors doing readings every hour so we checked out two different stories. The first one was Will You Please Go To Sleep illustrated by Ron Cortes. (Do you remember the NY Times best selling Go the F*** to Sleep? Same author/illustrator, but this is a child-friendly version.) Quite predictably, the parents were more excited about this reading than the kids.

While we waited for the second story we went for a walk around the block. It was such a sunny day so there were lots of people out and about, visiting the co-op next door, or the coffee shop around the corner, or the antique/vintage warehouse across the street. Blue Marble Books is on the happiest (or most progressive) block ever!

The second story we got to hear was super interactive for the kids. I’ll have to update this post with the title and author of the book, but let me just tell you the reader was amazing. The book she read was about a train and it was written by her grandmother, but was never published all those years ago because publishers said they had no need for another book about trains. Interesting, no?

It was a cute book about choosing your own journey in life and all the kids got so into it. The woman leading the reading had each child volunteer for roles making various train sounds. Rachel was smartly paired with one of the older girls (5 or 6 maybe) and their job was to shake boxes of Good & Plenty to make the chugging sound of the train. (The older girl’s job was also to kind of keep Rachel…on task. A first lesson in mentorship and I’d say she did a good job!)

I was so impressed at this woman’s ability to keep everyone engaged. And I was maybe even more impressed with how well Rach followed directions. We had so much fun and we’ll definitely have to try going to more events like this.

Have you checked out any new places or events with your family recently?