Pretzel Park

by cecimadden

We went to Pretzel Park recently and it’s pretty much our new favorite park.  I’m a sucker for modern playground equipment.  (Here, it’s similar to, but much smaller scale than Smith Playground.)  Our favorite feature was the short rock climbing wall subbing for stairs up to the slide.  I didn’t get pictures of it because I was busy teaching Rach where to place her feet on the wall.  Maybe next time.

Pretzel Park is situated in a pretty cool spot on a plateau in Manayunk.  Below, you can see the train trestle for SEPTA’s Norristown line and a glimpse of Main Street, and at the top of the hill is Roxborough.  In between is this fun park, a beautiful, towering Cathedral, and tons of cozy row homes.

In addition to the cool playground equipment there’s a dog park sectioned off, which Rachel was fascinated by.

You can’t really tell, but there were about a dozen dogs running around.  Rachel sat right on the concrete wall, alongside the dog owners, and threw flower petals to the dogs.  (I don’t think they really noticed, but I thought it was cute.)

The best thing though, was playing under the trees.  We stood underneath the gorgeous boughs and pretended their canopy was our home.

Pretzel Park: We’ll be back soon!