by cecimadden

::enjoying hot tea in April.
::letting Rachel live in her “Tinkerbell top.”  A sick girl has every right to wear her special pajamas.
::trying to polish things up on this site.
::looking for a good 5 or 10k to run this summer.
::figuring out what’s next for my hair: bang trim/long, side-swept bangs/cut it all short & donate…all possibilities.
::filling out our application for a community garden plot.
::dreaming about putting an even larger plot in our small yard.
::reflecting on my upcoming birthday.  Trying not to make a big deal about it, but also taking the opportunity to consider some things.
::excited to dye some Easter eggs this week.  Jenna’s turned out just beautiful, don’t you think?
::hoping, at the last minute, that the Lady Irish win tonight’s national championship basketball game.
::studying up on Hunter Pence and other Phillies favorites.  Bring on baseball season!
::obsessed with the idea of sheet pan meals.  Tried one on Sunday; will try another tonight.
::pledging to channel my baking obsession into creating healthy-ish breakfast foods.
::considering a summertime challenge: find Philadelphia’s best ice cream shoppe.
::laughing out loud at these two Tumblrs: onetwo.
::feeling light and content on this Tuesday, and hoping you are too!