Obligatory Photo of Spring Trees + Random Thoughts

by cecimadden

I couldn’t resist.  Even though it’s been quite chilly this week, giving last week’s tree blossoms and daffodils major confusion.

Two things more confusing than the weather:

#1. Last night I made coconut custard for a coconut cream pie.  I planned on making a crust and whipped topping tonight, but my patience got the best of me and I had a bowl full of custard by itself.  It was divine.  Now I wonder, why does anyone makes coconut cream pie at all?  (Really…why?)

#2. In Cinderella, after the fairy godmother turns the pumpkin into a coach she turns the mice into horses, then a horse into a coachman.  Did you catch that?  Why can’t the horse stay a horse and why can’t one of the mice be a coachman?  (I know, I know…like this is the only thing about the story that needs further explanation.)

I told you this would be a random post.

PS- The most beautiful spring trees I’ve seen recently are the ones in Central Park and they can be found on Ashley’s blog and Sharon’s blog.   They sooo make me want to visit NYC just for a minute this spring.