Spring, Pie Day, and Self Control

by cecimadden

Like a flip of a switch, spring is here.  It’s 75 degrees today.  Jim keeps talking about how it feels like summer.  (Massachusetts summer, perhaps.  But this is not what summer to a Texas-born gal feels like!)

It seems like everyone I know is on a diet now because summer is just around the corner.  Boo.  I keep baking cakes and pies and waffles and cookies.  Eh, and running.  (I believe in balance, after all.)  Did you know today is Pie Day?  Or pi day, rather (3.14).  And even though pi has nothing to do with pie, I made a lemon pie last night, for today.  I have since had a piece with every meal, and a tiny sliver for a snack.  I have no self control.

Speaking of self control…a random little story:

Last week, Jim took Rachel to get a slice of pizza before coming to pick me up at the train station.  She totally flipped out when it was time to leave the pizza shop and when I got in the car at the train station she was still wailing as if she was being tortured.

Finally, I just wailed too.  “AGHHHHHHHH!”

“No, mommy.  No yell!”  Rachel said.

“You don’t want me to yell?” I asked her.

“No!” she replied.

Then I said, very calmly, “Well, I know you’re unhappy right now, but I’m unhappy too.  We’re going home and even if that’s not what you want to do, that’s what we’re doing.  I don’t want to hear any yelling or crying, ok?  If you’re gonna yell, I’m gonna yell…Ok?”

She nodded and let out a whimper, then rode quietly the rest of the way home.

Halfway down the road I said, (and Jim did laugh at me later for this):

“Thanks for not crying Rachel.  I know you wanted to, but you didn’t.  That’s called self-control and I’m still learning about it too.”

I will not insert a smug remark here about how my toddler understands logic.  I’m pretty sure this is one of those tactics that will only work once.