by cecimadden

We made the waffles.  You should too.  Use this recipe and follow it to the letter.  They are nutty and satisfying, which I’ll attribute to the almond flour.  If you don’t know where to find almond flour, I didn’t either.  I food processed some unsalted almonds until they were flour-like (which is right before they turn nut-butter-like, so be careful.)

Rachel loved them too.  Incidentally, anytime I mix something up in a glass bowl she shouts, “CAKE!”

“Yes, cake…waffles, actually…which are like pancakes butbetter!” I told her.

“CAKE!” she replied.

The only thing we didn’t follow exactly was the recipe for the orange honey syrup.  We just drizzled honey and squeezed fresh tangelos on top.

“ORANGE!” yelled Rachel.

“Yes, orange…actually, tangelo…which is kind of like an orange, but better!”  I said.

“Tang…ORANGE!”  Rachel yelled.

It was so, so good.  Rach and I ate these while watching Lady and the Tramp for the eightyseventh time.

“Do you think you know all the words to this movie by heart?” I asked Rachel.

She laughed, threw her head back, and said “YEAH!”

And there ya have it.  The best waffles ever eaten.  Best served with good company and a classic movie.  The perfect mid-morning treat.