Photo-A-Day Recap: February

by cecimadden

Month #2 and I’m still so glad to be following along with this challenge.

Left to right, starting at the top:

01. your view today (taking the stairs up from lower walnut street)
02. words (a text from jim, charming cynicism is the refuge of frustrated urbanites)
03. hands (journaling during lunch break)
04. a stranger (from faraway, while on a weekend walk)
05. 10AM (Rachel playing)
06. dinner (chili)
07. button (the front of my coat)
08. sun (over Penn Park)
09. front door (random church in Chestnut Hill)
10. self portrait
11. makes you happy (R’s doodling mess)
12. inside your closet
13. blue (jeans)
14. heart (Feb calendar page from Le Papier, last year)
15. phone (Rachel’s toy, obviously)
16. something new (sale priced ramekins)
17. time (the barely-working clock on our bedroom bookshelf)
18. drink (specialty brew from Route 6)
19. something you hate to do (load/unload the dishes)
20. handwriting (grocery list)
21. a fave photo of you (from this post)
22. where you work (FRES lobby)
23. your shoes (special pumps for date night)
24. inside your bathroom cabinet (the usual stuff, plus a Someone in Texas is Thinking of You sign that was given to me in college.)
25. green (our favorite blocks that we’ve told you about)
26. night (stacks and stacks of books)
27. something you ate (the best egg sandwich)
28. money (inside our piggy bank/mug)
29. something you’re listening to – OMITTED (because embarrassingly, it’s just a Yo Gabba Gabba CD)

It is kind of hard to keep up, but I love a good challenge.  I think I’ll play along again this month.