Things I Found While Rachel Tried to Sleep

by cecimadden

Graphic Art Print "Life is Short, Jump on The Bed" 8x10 in Gold and Gray

Every night as Rachel settles herself to sleep, I lay on the other side of her room, in the dark, reading the internet on my blackberry, under a cover to shield the screen’s light.  It feels kind of sneaky.  And also, just when you think you’ve caught up on everything there is to read, the internet gives you more.  Here is a little glimpse:

50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome (because we can all improve our praise-cabulary).

How to be an adult

Stephen Colbert on the Lorax

Everyone and their mother’s birth stories.  (Especially love Heather’s, Natalie’s, and Courtney’s.)

Why We’re all Fascinated with Mormon Housewife Blogs. (What? You’re not?)

And a little tutorial on how to use Pinterest properly.

Happy Weekend.  Do something sneaky.  I know you will.