Rare Occasions / Happy Weekend

by cecimadden

Rare occasion, number one: Rachel let me put her hair in pigtails last night.  It was so funny to watch her exploring her new look in the mirror.  She went from skeptical to very pleased, then immediately pulled both pigtails down.  The excitement, but not the cuteness, was short lived.

Rare occasion, number 2: Jim and I are going to a concert this weekend!  I’m nervous and excited.  It’s been forever since I went to a grown up concert.  And two date nights in as many months?  Can’t beat that.

Depending on how tired I am on Sunday, I might try to make soufflé.  (Send me a good recipe if you have one.)  I bought some adorable/affordable ramekins a few weeks ago and they are begging to be baked in.  You’ve gotta have a little something special to go with watching the Oscar Red Carpet, right?

Happy Weekend.  I hope you have some fun plans up your sleeve.  Enjoy it as much as you can.