Magic Show (Behind the Scenes)

by cecimadden


Over the weekend, I took Rachel to the nearby playhouse/café to see a magic show.  When we arrived they announced that the show would start late, and after all the waiting Rachel was so engrossed in play that she didn’t care too much about magic after all.  So this is what the back of a magic show looks like:

While 90% of the kids were sitting still, captivated by the magician, Rachel and the other 10% played with all the playhouse treasures without sharing/fighting over them.  She even found a little hiding spot to enjoy an illicit snack. (You’re not supposed to eat or drink on the rug where the toys are.)  She’s exceptional, our girl, if not a little rebellious.

I couldn’t help but laugh this morning as we were looking at these pictures together.  Rachel was shouting, “MAGIC SHOW, MAGIC SHOW!”  happy to have the memory.  I thought to myself, “Yes dear, tell me all about it.”