Routine / A Kid’s Day

by cecimadden

Happy Monday!  I thought I’d share something that we’ve been using at home to help us with Rachel’s routine.  It’s a visual schedule from the small family company A Kid’s Day.  It comes with 20 labels for different activities and you can customize them to include whatever you want.  They also have bedtime charts.

I love it.  It really helps Rachel know what to expect next and therefore eases transitions.  It’s also made me more mindful of sandwiching difficult activities, like baths and naps, with things Rachel loves to do.  This way, the favorable activity acts as a reward for doing the unfavorable activity, which for me, is better than giving Rachel a sticker or candy for completing a perfunctory task. 

More than anything it gets me in the mode of telling Rachel what activities are coming next throughout the day, whether I have a label for it or not.  Her memory and language skills are really developing right now and I can tell she’s building confidence in both.  When I tell her we’re going for a walk, then going to the supermarket, then going home, then watching a movie, she retains it.  While we’re walking I can ask her to tell me what we’re doing after that and she knows the answer.  Competence builds confidence.  It’s great.

I had been wanting to create something visual like this for awhile but I never got around to it, so I was very happy when I discovered Meg was offering one as a giveaway on her blog.  I usually don’t enter giveaways but this one seemed worth it and I’m glad I did because I actually won!   Can you believe it?

Have a happy week, everyone.  Tomorrow I’ll share some of the more adventurous parts of our weekend.