So Subtle

by cecimadden

This is how Rachel indicates to me that it’s time to make cupcakes.  She’s so subtle, isn’t she?

She and Jim gave me this cupcake pan as an early Valentine’s Day gift. (The subtlety…again.)  I really do love quality bake ware.  I think they were actually supposed to give it to me tomorrow but Rachel blew their cover Friday night when we were getting out of the car.  She refused to go inside and stood, pointing at the trunk (where the gift was hiding), saying, “Cake…mommy.  Mommy…cake.”  Her eyebrows were raised at Jim, like, hello, aren’t we forgetting something?

How was your weekend?  Did Valentine’s Day come early for you?  We spent a lot of time reading our Winnie the Pooh Valentine’s Day book and making/eating cupcakes.  Yum.  I think there’s a lot of loving (or at least sugar) in store this week.  I hope yours is filled with loveliness too.