Photo-A-Day: End of January

by cecimadden

[Photos from top to bottom: 22nd/my shoes, 23rd/something old, 24th/guilty pleasure, 25th/something I made, 26th/colour, 27th/lunch, 28th/light, 29th/inside my fridge, 30th/nature, 31st/me. again.]

Better late than never, I’m posting my photos from the last week and a half of January’s photo-a-day challenge. This project is hard, but I love it. I’ve never taken a formal photography class and don’t currently have time to, so I embarked on this project to give myself a somewhat structured way of getting some practice in. Because practice makes perfect, right?

I’m already thinking more critically about photo composition and lighting. And I’m learning that good photos are rarely taken accidentally. Planning ahead and being intentional count.

Stay tuned for (more timely) updates through February.