A Date at the Park

by cecimadden

On Sunday I took Rachel on a date to the park.  Actually, she took me on a date to the park.  After staying up way past my bedtime for date night, I was a super slug on Sunday morning.  Rachel and I woke up, we watched Winnie the Pooh, we ate some oatmeal, I had several tall glasses of water…  Rachel was such a good sport.  She kept trying to engage with me.  I obliged, though lazily.  Wanna play with blocks?  Ok, bring them over to the couch.  Wanna draw letters?  Ok, bring your notepad over to the couch.  I was a horribly lazy super slug.

She really is such a good sport, our Rachel.  She never pouted or whined.  In fact I was so focused on being a super slug, I didn’t even know she was trying to send me a message until she asked if she could play with water in the bathroom sink.  (You can’t bring the bathroom sink over to the couch, I thought.  I won’t let you play by yourself at the bathroom sink.)  She was subtly saying, “Mom, get your butt off the couch already.  Stop being a super slug.  What’re you gonna do?  Super slug your life away?”

Slightly embarrassed, I swallowed the last drops of my coffee, threw on some running clothes and said, “Let’s go to the playground!”

“Yeah, dooie!” Rachel agreed (yeah dooie is how Rachel says, “yeah, let’s do it!” Yes, it’s the cutest sentence ever.)


We had a little company as you can see.  Rachel had to bring her little leapfrog doll.  (I think she may have been afraid I would be poor company at the playground!)  We let the leapfrog doll take a few rides down the slide, but when Rachel realized she couldn’t climb the ladder while gripping her best-friend-leapfrog doll, we decided she’d be better off in a safer spot:

We really had so much fun.  Rachel has crazy balance so she decided to walk along the short brick wall that surrounded the play area.  It was particularly cute considering she insisted on wearing her snow suit –  I’m not sure if her tiny steps were her way of moving slowly and carefully along, or if they were just what the thick pants confined her to.

My favorite thing though, was when we played on the swings.  Rachel and I were having quiet whisper conversations with each other, but really what we were doing was eavesdropping on the teenagers sharing the swing set with us.  In fact, Rachel didn’t want to go near the swings unless the bigger kids were there.  What do bigger kids talk about, you wonder?  Playstation 3, how fun South Street is, and the vitues of living in the city v. the suburbs.  Truth.

I’m so happy that she got me off that couch.  It was such a delightful little outing.  We followed it up with a nap, a feast of homemade food, and lots more playing…off (and on) the couch.