Highlights from Date Night

by cecimadden


Jim and I went on an awesome date night on Saturday.  This is the awkwardly happy picture I took of us while we waited for our table:

Some highlights: First of all, the couple we dined with was so fun.  They were such great company – warm and witty, with lots of great stories to share.  It was so great to meet them.

Second, Audrey Claire serves up an amazing meal.  Every single thing we ordered was delicious.  My favorites were the bosc pear and gorgonzola flatbread, the grilled haloumi, the potato crusted tuna, the cinnamon rice pudding and the dreamy olive oil citrus cake.  Uh-may-zing.

Speaking of amazing-ness.  My super charming husband charmed our super charming waiter into free haloumi cheese!  It started with Jim quizzing the waiter about the origins of the tile fish.  (Straight out of a scene in Portlandia, I swear.  Jim asked, “is is wild caught?”  “Yes,” replied the waiter.  “From which ocean?” countered Jim. “The one with water,” he replied.)  The friendly banter continued when the waiter described the haloumi cheese as “Tunis haloumi.”  “Like, from Tunisia?” Jim asked.  Just like that, the waiter was smitten.  We oohed and ahhed over the Tunis haloumi when he came back to check on us (It was seriously to die for), and before we knew it, somewhere in the middle of our second course, another serving of haloumi cheese magically appeared on our table as the super charming waiter dashed past us to tend to other (less charming) diners.  Our street cred is sky high right now.