by cecimadden

::Daydreaming about (and possibly budgeting for) a cool summer trip.

::Making mental notes for this year’s garden plot, thanks to an awesome book my sister gifted me for Christmas.

::Ecstatic that Rachel’s snow suit still fits her, even if the snow’s all slushy now.  There will be more soon enough.

::Celebrating National Handwriting Day (which was Monday) all week.  I have filled so many pages of my journal.  It’s such a good feeling.  And speaking of filling,

::still eating carrot cake.  We now have a carrot-less refrigerator.

::Eyeing the coconut layer cake in this month’s Bon Appetite.  Carrot, I’m a fickle friend.

::Deciding what to wear on this Saturday’s date night with Jim: a double date.  Twice the fun, (twice the pressure?)

::Getting so many compliments on a scarf my big sister made me for Christmas.  I have some crafty relatives, I tell you.

::Staring at chipped gold nails, and wondering when I’ll have the heart to remove the last bits of a New Year’s eve manicure.

::Sporting bangs.  Yes, really.  I’ve actually had them for about a month now which, incidentally, is long enough to make me say “whose forehead is that?” when I look at pre-bang photos of myself.

::Watching Moneyball, instead of the State of the Union.  A no brainer.

::Drifting in and out of sleep nonetheless.

::Wishing you sweet dreams.  (Hopefully mine include beaches or lakes or river tubing in the sun!)