Welcome, Winter

by cecimadden

This weekend we finally had our first snow fall of the winter.  Finally.  Two inches of snow.  I stayed in my robe all day long on Saturday.  (If I’m honest I’ll tell you I did the same thing for most of Sunday too.)

Things are really clicking in our household, and just in time for winter, I think.  For a variety of little reasons we just have a very peaceful house right now.  Rachel loves being in her home.  Part of this has to do with the peace, I think, but part of it probably has to do with her development, and (a significant) part of it may have to do with the piles of books and toys she recently received for her birthday and Christmas.  Suffice it to say, two straight days indoors was pure pleasure.  Even if it was forced upon us by the weather.  Bring it, winter, I say.  We are ready for you.  We could stay inside, writing, building towers of blocks, and wearing our robes all season long.

Rachel and I did go on one little outing.  On Saturday I made fun of myself for staying inside all day, given the tiny amount of snow we got, so on Sunday I was determined to go out for a run.  We got super bundled up.  Three layers a piece.  Then we went outside and found out half the sidewalks in our neighborhood had not been shoveled.  So I walked instead.  Rachel napped in the stroller.  And we proved that our City Mini truly is an all-terrain stroller.  I think it’s the Norwegians who say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.  I would add strollers to that.  Since we were in good clothes and a very good stroller, I felt like a super-competent parent.  We had a lovely walk and throughout the rest of the day I continued to be uplifted by that small feeling of competence.  It’s the little things…

How was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with little bits of satisfaction.