This Book is a Game Changer

by cecimadden

Have you heard of The Happiness Project?   It is a great book (also a blog) that I sort of bought myself for Christmas (as in, I bought it as a white elephant gift then stole it from the person who picked it first…ha!).

I’m not gonna go all grad school book review on you, but I will say this: this book is filled with super smart, unique insights on the concepts of happiness and how to achieve it.  It’s very happiness is a journey, not a destination, and I kind of like that.  But she also gives great commentary on very specific topics like money (does it buy happiness after all?) and clutter (how is how we keep our stuff related to our attitude?) and a whole host of other topics. 

She talks a lot about being yourself, which is really speaking to me at the moment.  For example, how many times do we deny ourselves a hobby that makes us happy, like reading kid lit (her example) or watching sports (mine), because we think it’s either “illegitimate” or that we are not the “type of person” who should take interest in such a hobby?  Think of just how much happiness we are denying ourselves.  She says, think of what you liked to do when you were 10.  You probably still really like a lot of that stuff, and that’s ok Do what makes you happy.  Even if it’s reading comic books.  Or watching trashy television.  Or collecting coins.  Tons of grown ups do these things, i.e. it’s possible to be a grown up and do what you love and be mature and/or legitimate and have fun, and guess what, that makes being around you more fun, which makes people want to hang out with you more often, which makes you happy too, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert!

It’s a total game changer for me.  I am not finished with it yet, but I am whipping right through it.  My bag is like a library right now, to be honest.  (How many books does a girl need to carry with her?  I’m not going to read them all at once, right?)  If I love any of the others as much as I love this book, maybe I’ll share thoughts on them here too.