The Best Gift of All : Christmas, Volume 2

by cecimadden

I have been absent this week, but for very good reason.  We woke up on Tuesday morning to the best gift of all: my mom and dad and sister Teri from Texas!  They had flown in to celebrate with Rachel and it was like having a second Christmas, perhaps better than the first.

Rachel spent their first morning here showing grandma pictures of all her Christmas shenanigans (we have hundreds upon hundreds of photos honoring the season…I’ll have to make a book out of them.  We’ll see!)  Then she opened so many gifts: books, puzzles, blocks, a Tinker Bell nightgown that she instantly adored, stickers, finger paints.  So many fun and thoughtful presents.  Our girl is truly blessed.

Rachel took to calling her grandma and grandpa “mom-mom” and “papa.” And her tia Teri is now “Tia T.” It is so cute. Also, when she calls for her Tia T she doesn’t get louder- she gets higher and higher-pitched. It’s to die for.

We had such a relaxing set of days together. My brother-in-law Sam also came down to join in the fun and it was truly a pleasure to host a full house. Sharing meals, helping each other out with the dishes, chit-chatting over the Philly Inquirer and Texas Monthly (an odd yet deeply appropriate combination)- nothing can beat it. We played way too many games of chess and scrabble and had more than our fair share of food and drink. (For the record- no one beats my mom at scrabble except Sam, and no one beats Jim at chess except Sam, after he’s played a few rounds of scrabble.)

We gave ourselves a break this morning and all went out to breakfast at the local diner- a real diner. It was pretty perfect. Starchy, greasy, and if anyone can banter with a sassy Philly waitress it’s my dad.

Everyone is gone now, except Teri, and I would be so sad that the house is relatively empty again except for the fact that Tia T offered free babysitting for the night. Woo hoo! I’ll have to let the melancholy set in tomorrow. For now, it’s off to be thrilled by Ghost Protocol. Christmas, volume 2 is not over quite yet!

Til soon…