Merry Christmas Eve, Eve

by cecimadden

Can you believe it’s the eve of Christmas Eve? I’m drinking peppermint tea in a target parking lot while my babe quietly naps. Do your kids have trouble sleeping during the holidays or is it just mine? It must be all those advent activities getting her hyped up. (We have totally mastered our list, by the way.) A co-worker of mine said today that his daughter was having trouble falling asleep last night because, she said, she couldn’t stop thinking about the snowflakes she made at school and she was afraid she might forget how to make them. Isn’t that the sweetest? Minus the sleep-deprivation part 🙂

Speaking of work, I am officially on vacation for the next two full weeks. Sweet relief! We have the next few days to ourselves: me, Jim and Rachel; then we have family visiting until New Year’s Eve. I am so looking forward to it. No matter how warm I feel in my husband’s arms, snuggling our sweet little girl, it still gets cold as we live our days so far away from family.

Before all of our family arrives though I think we will do something adventurous. We may drive out to the beach! Who knows?

Wishing you peace and a little adventure too. Merry Christmas Eve…eve.