Containing Clutter: Christmas Style

by cecimadden

Step 1: Walk past your kitchen table and grunt at the pile of mail, knick knacks and other crap ruining your overall Christmas-y vibe. (You don’t have such clutter? Sorry, I fear we may have nothing in common.)

Step 2: Dig around in your stash of old gift bags you’ve saved. Cross your fingers. There’s bound to be one or two holiday-themed ones hiding in there.

Step 3: Ah-ha! You found some. Take a moment to marvel at how efficient you are for saving gift bags in the first place! (Certainly makes up for the fact that your house is overrun with clutter, doesn’t it?)

Step 4: Return to kitchen table. Take all of said clutter items and pile them up. Put the large items in a large gift bag. Put the small items in a small gift bag. You get the idea.

Step 5: Sit down to your cleared, festive table and enjoy the calm and the prettiness. You are a genious!