Christmas Cookies

by cecimadden

When my cousins and I were little, we would make Christmas cookies together with my grandma every year. She orchestrated the best cookie decorating sessions – red and green cookie dough, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, several colors of sanding sugars, and my favorite, red hots. All of us cousins, boys and girls, would meticulously decorate dozens of cookies, sometimes with so much care that we couldn’t bear to eat them. They were little works of art, not to be destroyed.

Eventually it got out of hand and no one wanted to eat the cookies due to the ridiculous amount of sugar adorning them, so we started making more crowd-pleasing chocolate chip cookies instead. It wasn’t the same. Then, at some point we stopped making cookies altogether, partly because we were older and had lost interest, partly because it was a lot of work for my grandma to pull off such magic year after year. We were all kind of sad about it, but it was time.

The first year I had to spend Christmas eve away from my grandma, I mailed her a box of decorated christmas cookies that could be put out on the buffet just like when were kids. This was a few years ago now, so I made the cookies in a crappy apartment kitchen that had about a foot of counter space, and before I had acquired decent baking ware. Without cookie cutters I insanely thought I would just cut out shapes with a butter knife. Even more insanely, I didn’t just cut out shapes, I cut out letters to spell out “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

All this is just to say that making Christmas cookies is very important to me and I can be a bit irrational about it sometimes. I haven’t folded a bit of laundry all weekend and the toy shelf is empty because all of the toys have been living underneath the couches, for example. But guess who just baked and decorated four dozen Christmas cookies? This lady 🙂