Hello December / It’s Time for Some Holiday Spirit

by cecimadden

My absolute favorite thing about December is Christmas carols.  I am playing Pandora’s indy Christmas station on loop and I cannot.get.enough.  Growing up we had about a million Christmas cds and would blare them every morning as we got dressed for school.  Too intense?  Try it.  You will instantly become a morning person.

Life comes at us so fast at this time of year.  I intend to give a big high five to each and every minute that races by.  And focus on the simple pleasures of the holiday season.  And be more generous towards my loved ones.  And bake/eat a whole lot of cookies.  And throw a big lump of coal at all the commercialized crap.  I intend to put my holiday spirit to good use.  Not to escape into it, neglecting the ordinary or boring or hard things about life, but to truly live it.  To let it make those ordinary moments extraordinary, the boring more bearable, and put a little dent into the difficult.  There are so many opportunities to make a difference out there today.  Now is the time to do it.

It’s December…it’s time for some holiday spirit.  (And just because it’s December, doesn’t mean there are little elves doing your chores.  Here’s your December chore chart.)