A Lovely Birthday

by cecimadden

On her birthday she loved:

  • waking up to balloons on her bed – I sense this will be a tradition.
  • testing the cake and frosting before anyone else even knew about it.
  • playing with stacks of multi-colored party plates.
  • pointing to her party napkins and calling each Yo Gabba Gabba character by name.
  • having Happy Birthday sung to her – if only you could’ve seen her face light up.
  • blowing out her candles.  She almost got them all in one shot.
  • running up and down the length of the house then sliding into pillows of balloons.
  • every single one of her presents.  She really took the time to flip through each book and cuddle each doll.  She did not rush through it.  That’s my girl.

And more importantly, she felt loved:

  • by her charming uncle Sam, who couldn’t wait another minute to give her her presents and jumped the gun giving them to her the night before.
  • by her famous soccer playing aunts, who gave her lessons in balloon dribbling.
  • by her wonderful Nana, who really went out of her way to make her the star of the party, special party outfit included.
  • by her sweet older cousins, who weren’t too cool to share their best toys and secret playroom with her.
  • by her loving aunt and grandma in Texas who so thoughtfully sent piles of individually wrapped books and handmade clothes in advance.  The day would not have been the same without them.
  • by her mom and dad, of course, who just loved her itty bitty heart to pieces more on that day than any other day.  What a special, special girl we have.
  • by all the togetherness and joy in the air.  Isn’t that what birthdays are all about?  What a truly happy day.