Traditions / Clinging to the Weekend

by cecimadden

I am sitting here eating rice and beans and sprinkles that never made it onto birthday cake…I don’t want the weekend to be over [insert whiny voice].  We had an amazing time with our Massachusetts family, making new traditions and resurrecting old ones.  New tradition: eating shrimp cocktail and watching movies while prepping the Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday night.  Resurrected tradition: seven course meal on the big day.

We made so many memories in the last few days, and I’m not quite ready to jump into Christmas season yet, so throughout the week I’ll be sharing our Thanksgiving and birthday celebrations with you.  Then maybe next week I’ll jump into the Christmas holiday spirit.  I want to cling to the bright spots of the past week for as long as I can.  I simply don’t want it to be over yet!  (Ok, ok, I’ll stop whining.)

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend.  It’s not over yet, is it?  I’m going to watch one more episode of Yo Gabba Gabba (we’re still in vacation mode), then it’s off to bed to read some cool new books to Rachel (happy birthday indeed) and get some shut-eye.  I am clinging to the weekend.   I hope you’re doing the same.