Preparations, Part I

by cecimadden

I’ve been making apple pie all month.  It started as a procrastination tactic, then my husband kept bringing bags of apples home.  What else was I supposed to do with them?  The recipe I use is a printout from 2008 from, but there is no longer a link to it.  The crust I use is from this amazing pecan pie recipe, which is an incredible pie that I only have the guts to make on Thanksgiving Day.  Other than that, it’s the crust I trust the most.

I also made eight pounds of meatballs over the weekend.  Unfortunately I can’t give you the recipe for that either.  I made them with a friend and let’s just say it was not a tutorial 🙂 It was so fun and made the house smell awesome all day.  My main observations were that there’s no such thing as too much parmesan, and never underestimate the power of eye-balling over measuring.

You already know I’m making this soup for Turkey Day.

And this is perhaps the best roast chicken recipe ever.  Perfect for welcoming house guests early in the week, or you can put it in your back pocket for the December holidays.

So much more to come…and I can’t wait!