by cecimadden

Saturday, as planned, we pushed pause and went for a very long walk.  I have been overwhelmed and exhausted and needing to breath some fresh air.

So we went to Valley Forge – possibly the most peaceful and breathtaking place to go on a nice fall day.  It is vast and though there are dozens enjoying the site – dogs and their walkers, a group of cub scouts, couple upon hand-holding couple, and the obligatory runners and power walkers – a sense of privacy remains.  It is silent but for whispers between friends and lovers, and giggles of children.  It is vast and it is gorgeous.  (And entry is free.)

As we were walking along one of the paved paths, we noticed some chalk writing which turned out to be a wedding proposal.  I wondered if he or she said yes and I smiled imagining the experiences we share with those who have wandered here before, and those who will wander here later.

I am ashamed to admit that I know little about the historical significance of the Valley Forge site.  What I do know, based on Jim’s commentary on prior visits, is that the site was important for building morale among the troops at a critical moment when what they faced next seemed insurmountable.  It’s a place to go to recharge.  I know the weeks ahead hold so many celebrations and so much to be grateful for, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we live in unsettling times.  I’m sure you feel it too.  There’s not a single person I know who isn’t struggling with unemployment or family illness, or both.  It seems everyone is broke or sick or loves someone who is.  It’s tough to keep everything in perspective.

So we went for a walk.  We threw some leaves in the air.  We held each other close.  We reflected and we recharged.

Here’s to a great week.