I Will

by cecimadden

In the next week, I will:

Breath in these last bits of cool fall air.

Take Rachel for a nature walk.

See some deer.

Photograph some deer without scaring them.

Put a little girl down for a nap.

Use the spare time to cut out faces of yo gabba gabba characters.

String them onto garland for a birthday party.

Learn how to make meatballs from an Italian friend with a family, unwritten recipe.

Swear not to take any notes 😉

Practice making gluten free cake.

Buy a gluten free cake mix just in case.

Pack for an airplane ride.

Pack for a car ride.

Call my inlaws a bunch of times to coordinate a car ride from the plane ride.

Explain to jealous airport staff the contents of my luggage. (Frozen meatballs, what?)

Chop a lot of things for a seven course Thanksgiving.

Rethink the value of go big or go home.

Bake pie (plural, like deer or fish…there’s never just one pie).

Try not to eat pie before it’s time.

Go to a high school football game.

Yell my freaking head off.

Teach Rachel to do the same.

Help prepare a legendary meal.

Engulf a legendary meal.

Kiss my husband.

See him more than I get to on a regular week.

Appreciate his presence with lots of side hugs and pats on the butt.

Kiss his family – including all the cousins (all of them!)

Kiss my baby.

Watch her turn two.

Cry a little.

Smile a lot.

Keep my composure.

Focus on the joy in all of it.

Give Thanks.

(Inspired in many ways by this beautiful post.  And she’s right, looking forward or backward, this is extremely cathartic.)