Procrastination / Playing Pretend

by cecimadden

Yesterday, in an act of resistance I refused to look at my to-do list.  I simply pretended it didn’t exist.  I may seem like a responsible person on the surface, what with my charts and lists to keep my life together, but I’m really not.  Ha!  Actually, I wouldn’t consider neglecting a to-do list to be an act of irresponsibility…it’s more like an act of pure imagination!

Speaking of which, I recently took Rachel to a playhouse to blow off some steam and engage in some imaginative play.  I don’t remember going through this phase as a kid.  I’m not sure I ever got into it, which might be why I find it so fascinating to watch kids play pretend now, or generally do things they think only big people do.

Like how do kids know to give a fake smile at the cash register and how do they know what to do at a parking meter?  It really makes me giggle.  And then I wonder, will they soon upgrade this play space to include self-checkouts and smart meters?  Kids five years from now won’t know what that silver mechanical thing is…and will they even need to know social graces?

Here I am, all enamored with kids and their imaginations and their precociousness.  Then Rachel goes and does this:

…she climbs out of the train window!  Instantly, time flashes before my eyes and all I can see is Rachel climbing out of her bedroom window reaching for the hand of some nothing-but-trouble best friend, or worse yet, boyfriend.

Where the hell is the time going?