by cecimadden

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:: becoming a morning person.
:: snuggled under one of my favorite old blankets.
:: making mental notes for the week ahead.
:: shocked it is “the week before Thanksgiving.”
:: scratching things off the to-do list, making a more manageable must-do list.
:: looking forward to all the festivities.
:: sad that our neighborhood custard stand closes today.
:: wondering what flavor I should end the season on.
:: thinking I should have breakfast first.
:: enjoying the quiet sounds of an empty kitchen- coffee brewing, cupboards creaking, dishes clicking.
:: grateful for a moment of solitude.
:: indulging once again in apple cider (hot or cold this morning, is the only question).
:: staring into a refrigerator filled with love. Pre-made meals and leftovers galore.
:: in awe of how hard we work in this house.
:: therefore vowing to exude appreciation this week.

What’s at the top of your goal list for the week?