Garden Cleanup

by cecimadden

Rachel and I spent a ton of time at the garden over the weekend, cleaning up since last weekend’s Harvest Day was snowed out.  It was a sun-filled morning, though very chilly, and a good group of us had fun, all bundled up, pulling up weeds, and preparing the pathways for the frosty season ahead.  Once the paths were weed free, we laid down old newspapers (a good source of entertainment, looking back on the Donovan days, etc.), then fresh wood chips.  Rachel was in charge of making sure the paper didn’t blow away before the wood chips were placed on top.

It seemed that the most intense part of the cleanup was disassembling the rainwater collection system.  I wish I had gotten pictures of it.  All of the huge rain barrels (about a dozen of them, stacked on top of each other in three rows) were emptied, rinsed out, and placed in storage for the winter.  This is something I definitely wouldn’t have thought of, but I guess the whole system, rudimentary as it is, can be ruined it you allow it to collect snow and ice.

Our plot still has broccoli and beets growing in it, so I’ll clear it out a little later.  In fact, seeing those few and proud thriving plants in my plot and in others, really brought a smile to my face.  By and large the plots are bare throughout the garden, the flower beds are dry, and in the orchard area beyond the berry bushes and fruit trees stand as twigs…except for that one corner of chives that just won’t quit, that one pepper plant that shines like Christmas lights, that one cheerful persimmon tree that won’t be weighed down by its own ripe fruit.   Though the place is mostly cleaned up and cleared out, the brightness of life shines through.