November = Preparations and Parties + A Chore Chart

by cecimadden

We stayed inside all weekend, and all evening yesterday.  First, because it snowed.   And all our plans were cancelled but to be together and enjoy each other.  And then, because our toys found their shelves, which makes them so much better to play with, doesn’t it?   We didn’t want our toys to stay on their shelves of course…

And then, we had work to do, readying for Nana, and so many good library books and classic movies to enjoy (Fantasia –dreamy!)  So we stayed inside.  It’s like we were nestling the end of October, resting up for all that November has in store.  Not a bad way to spend the end of the month, I say.  Staying inside…it’s kind of what I wish I had done this morning…

Happy Tuesday to you.

And happy November– can you believe it?  So many celebrations ahead!  Jim’s birthday, Rachel’s birthday…Thanksgiving.  Preparations and parties will fill the to-do list!  Happy November indeed.

(Speaking of to-do lists…here’s your November chore chart!)