How Not to Prepare Your Garden for Winter / Oh! Halloween

by cecimadden

This weekend we have lots of big plans.  We have Harvest Day at our community garden.  I’m not sure what’s entailed in prepping a garden for the winter, but I’m very excited to meet the other gardeners who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, not to mention learn a lot

Lately when we’re at the garden, Rachel gets a kick out of picking up any cherry tomato she sees in the pathway and chucking it over her shoulder as far as it will go.  Isn’t she just pure fun?   I’m pretty sure this is not what we will be instructed to do as a matter of clean up 😉

We also have some birthday party craft-making to tackle.  I have so much more to tell you about that…

And best of all, we have a very special Nana coming to visit.  She’ll bring a little change of pace just when Jim and I need it  (sigh of relief.)

It is supposed to snow tomorrow!  I don’t know what to think of that, except that it may mean I have to learn how to prepare the garden for a first frost before the aforementioned Harvest Day.  Hmmm.  Any tips?

Oh!  And halloween!  (Cue fake enthusiasm), if there was such a thing as a half-exclamation mark, I would have to say that’s how I feel about halloween.   Personally.   I do my best not to pass along my half-enthusiasm to Rachel.  We are reading Curious George Goes to a Costume Party a lot these days and we may even decorate some mini pumpkins on Sunday.  And she will definitely have a fun costume to wear on halloween.  (Yes- I will post pictures!) It’s just to say that we are not doing any halloween parade-ing this weekend…that I know of…yet.  It’s just not the kind of holiday that I feel warrants a full weekend of celebration. 

…And if you’re the type who does, I hope you have the best time and are super, super safe out there.

Either way, have a wonderful weekend.