30 Before 30 Update

by cecimadden

We are approaching my half birthday (what, you don’t celebrate your half birthday?) and I have given you very few, or rather, one update on my 30 Before 30 list.  Let’s just say progress is good but documentation is not.  Here’s where we’re at so far:

Completed items (4):

Ongoing items that I have begun doing and will continue to do (7):

  • Write Rachel a letter every month
  • Write Jim more often too
  • Upload photos regularly instead of letting them sit on the memory card forever (blogging helps with this)
  • Be more patient (less tantrums, more composure.  Yes, I’m still talking about me, not my toddler)
  • Take better care of my skin (visited a dermatologist, care plan is in place)
  • Go for more walks
  • Practice more yoga (could still be better at this)
  • Aim to laugh at least once per day (I should make a chart of the remaining days until my birthday and actually write down what made me laugh.  Can you imagine how fun that would be to look back on?)

Some of the items on my list were so vague that I can’t really justify keeping them on the list.  I thought about either refining them so that they would be more measurable or substituting them for something else all together. I love editing, don’t you?  

Here are the items I have added/substituted (7):

  • Bake more gluten-free food – find at least 3 recipes that are reliable go-to goodies
  • Take a family photo each season
  • Run 2 -5K races
  • Incorporate daily affirmations into mine and Rachel’s day (I’m thinking this would fit in well with bedtime)
  • Join a community group or parenting organization
  • Make handmade gifts for 2 people that don’t live in my house
  • Make a temporary headboard for our master bedroom.

That leaves 12 items from the original list that are not yet complete + these 7 that have been added = 19 things I still need to complete.  That kind of seems like I’m behind, but I think adding more measurable goals will help me speed through them better. 

What about you?  Do you keep a running list of goals for yourself?  How is your progress coming along?