Rachel in October

by cecimadden

This month I am especially amazed by your swiftness.  You run with what looks to me like perfect form, and definitely perfect enthusiasm.

You love dogs, thanks to Marley & Me, and every time you see one it’s like the first dog you ever saw- pure thrill as you shout, “GOG!”  You are so much fun, my darling.

Recently, as you were running through the leaves, one of your favorite things to do now, you looked straight up to the tree above and had an epiphany.  You paused, picked up two delicate, dry leaves, and raised them up to the sky as if to return them to the tree they had fallen from.  This sums you up perfectly, I think: playful, inquisitive, thoughtful, bright.  You are constantly melting my heart.  I love you more and more each day.