Embracing Extremes

by cecimadden

After our hayride, Rachel was simply not ready to go home so we made a pit stop at Fairmount Park.  It was a breathtaking day and we took the opportunity to watch the ducks and look out at the river and see if we could run faster than bike riders.  Rachel can.  I can’t.

There were a lot of weddings being photographed out there too.  Rachel convinced me to walk all the way up to the tallest point of the path, to one of the gazebos that’s perfect for picture taking.  We pretended we were in a wedding party just long enough to snap this photo, then she wriggled out of my arms and tried to cheat death, running down the hill as fast as she could, trying to catch as much wind in her hair as possible.  She’s lucky she’s got good balance…and that I am actually fast enough to catch her after all.

It was a nice juxtaposition- a silly and dramatic hayride around a major city’s convention center, then some meandering and playing at a beautiful river-bound park.  I can embrace both extremes.