by cecimadden

  1. For a full journal, and to be cracking open brand new blank journal.  There’s nothing like putting pen to page.
  2. For a brand new camera.  Last time I bought a camera it was 2007 and digital point-and-shoots cost 4x what they do now.  I chose this one.  So far, so good.
  3. For sun on my shoulders.  Yes, shoulders.  It is so pleasant outside, I should be wearing a tank top.
  4. For composure.  What would I do without you?
  5. For a cute way to calm my angel: Can I kiss your toes?  Can I kiss your fingers?  Can I kiss your nose?  No matter her anguish, these questions and kisses just melt her frustration and turn sobs into nervous giggles.
  6. For pumpkin ice cream- a Madden family favorite, it’s unanimous.  I think I’ve already had my quota for the week.
  7. Conversely, for pickled veggies.  Asparagus is my new go-to.  Something about eating them makes me feel so sophisticated, like my lunch has instantly been upgraded.
  8. For lots to consider.  I visited the Occupy Philadelphia site yesterday and it ignited a complexity of emotion and thoughts.  Yes, lots to consider there.
  9. For kind readers and compliments.  I know this space is a bit of a hodge-podge of our family life, my personal musings/pep talks, attempts at crafting and home organization, successes in the kitchen, tributes to my loved ones, and a bunch of other randomness.  Thanks for following along.  It makes me feel less like I’m putting words and pictures into a black hole, and less like this is all just a selfish act of expression.

I am grateful for too many things to count today.  What are you grateful for?