Bedtime Routines and Toddler Independence

by cecimadden

I have been trying to document our bedtime routine to make a personalized bedtime book for Rachel.  I think it will help her get more comfortable with the whole notion of going to sleep and waking up to a new day, and eventually grow towards independence in the bedtime arena.  I got the idea for making her a personalized bedtime book in this book by Elizabeth Pantley. 

Have you tried something like this before?  I think Rachel will love it – a book starring her as the main character.  I think that would be pretty cool.

I have to say I am absolutely fascinated by how toddlers conceptualize things and how their independence takes shape.   Rachel doesn’t talk all that much yet (I have to keep reminding myself she is not even two!), but she understands so much, and she is physically capable of an impressive amount of things.  I’m constantly amazed.  About a week ago we were having our nightly fight over administering her oral anti-itch medicine, and I decided to take a new approach:  I asked her if she wanted to give herself the medicine and she nodded!  Then I gave her the dropper and she took the whole dose with no fuss.  Brilliant!  High five, Rachel!

Being a parent to a toddler can be trying, but imagine being a toddler, with growing curiosity, under-developed language, and an ever-changing need for rest.  Nothing lasts forever and I’m sure most toddlers, if they could, would say Thank God!

Happy parenting!  And have a happy rest of the week!