At the Risk of Embarrassment

by cecimadden

Who loves Project Runway? I do, I do!  I admit I am no fashionista but I love everything about that show, especially Michael Kors and his nasally, snarky critiques of the designers.  When I saw these Michael Kors shoes at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago, I had to have them.

I’m in love with this color and they are actually very comfortable.  They were not an arm and a leg, and now I can say I have designer shoes.  I feel like a grownup!

Plus, did I ever tell you that several times now I have arrived at work wearing the same outfit as someone else, only mine is the cheaper or dressed-down version of theirs?

Me- Khaki capris, white J.Crew tshirt, brown flats.
Colleague- Khaki pencil skirt, white silk ruffled blouse, nude pumps.

It’s pretty embarrassing and I’m hoping these shoes and a handful of TJ Maxx skirts will help me out.

How’s your Tuesday going?