A Nap and a New Playground

by cecimadden

This was the kind of weekend to be breathed in deeply.  The kind of weekend that calls on you to take a nap in the grass and do lots of playing outside at a yet to be explored playground.  The kind of weekend that is filled with good news and giggles.  Our weekend was all of these things.

We stopped by the Celebration of Play at Smith Memorial Playground, which we had heard so much about.  It did not disappoint- Rachel and I had The. Best. Time.  It is a playground like no other, with modern takes on traditional playground toys like swings and merry-go-rounds and see-saws.  And if when you arrive your child is asleep in the car, that’s no problem.  There’s a beautiful field of grass and fall leaves out front, with trees perfect for napping against and keeping your little one shaded.

What a beautiful weekend.  Hope yours was delightful too.