Rachel in September

by cecimadden

Hello there, my beautiful bundle of wonder.  I continue to be so amazed by you.  My favorite thing you do this month is talk.  You are learning more and more words each day and you even have a favorite phrase: i-on’t-knowww.  Sometimes I have no idea what you’re saying but it sounds beautiful!

Your personality shines through in everything you do: 

You love choosing your outfit for the day: your bright pink tunic with rainbowed ruffles, your Temple Owls t-shirt, your pink striped pants with subtle rhinestone detailing, anything with a flower appliqué- these are your recent favorites.  Such great taste!

When you wake up, you’ve got your heart set on what you want to do, immediately: eat oatmeal, or drink water, or listen to the Juno soundtrack, or re-read Corduroy.  I imagine you were anticipating these things all night, and I kind of like how you want what you want when you want it.  (I think you get this from me.)

You have the most incredible sense of wonder and fearlessness.  Like when you insisted on seeing the top of Citizen’s Bank Park.  (I think you get this from daddy.)  I sense you will terrify me, your boring old mom, with all of your explorations as you grow up.  Please don’t let me hold you back, but please promise to always be careful.

Most of all, you are so uniquely you, in everything you do.  You continue to enrich our days.  We love you so, so much.