Why Every Farmer’s Market Should Have a Playground

by cecimadden

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Ours was splendid.  We fried a lot of food, made some new friends, went to a birthday party, and introduced ourselves to a new farmer’s market.  Fun.  Simple.  A pinch of indulgence.  My kinda weekend.

I have been dying to go to a real farmer’s market recently- one that has food vendors, grass-fed beef, baked goods and ice cream, as well as produce.  One that’s pacific northwest-like, but within driving distance from our house.  This weekend I finally found one that has some of those things, on a small scale, plus something even better…a playground!

I am now convinced that every farmer’s market should have an accessible playground nearby.  Bell peppers, carrots, and even a girl’s favorite creamy organic yogurt can only occupy her attention for so long.  Give me a playground, please, and we’ll be there in a heart beat.  Every week.

Hope your weekend was lovely too.  Here’s to a happy week.