Garden Update

by cecimadden

What happened to your garden, you might have wondered.  Well, yes, it’s still there.  Our humble little plot is around here somewhere…

It’s easy to find if you just play, one of these plots is not like the others.  Note to self: after you pull up your zucchini plants, which took up half the plot…plant something else.  We finally did, and they are finally sprouting.  So no, those luscious-looking plots pictured up front, bursting with tomatoes and peppers are not ours.  But so what?  I cannot wait to enjoy fresh bok choi, beets, broccoli rabe, and broccoli.  Soon, I hope.

I love this phase of our garden.  New plants are sprouting while old plants are reaching maturity.  Our green bean plant was a fighter, giving us green beans to snack on through last week.  And of course, our little tomato plant is still growing strong.  Another note to self: plant more green beans next year.  More tomatoes too.

Our little tomato plant is actually not so little anymore.  In fact, it’s no plant at all, it’s more like a jungle.  It sprawls into the walkway and eastward along the length of the plot with tiny, scrumptious, cherry-sized tomatoes.  Mmm.  We usually snack on them while at the garden, but on rare days when I remember to bring a container I commit to taking them home.  (This morning’s cleaned-out coffee thermos counts as a container I “remembered” to bring, right?)

Rachel is still an eager little helper, watering, planting seeds and picking ripe tomatoes and green beans.  She is so pragmatic, this girl.  The garden is perhaps the one place where we can make a quick stop with our toddler.  When we arrive, she’s ready to help.  Then, while I weed and prune the tomato plant she takes a little jaunt over to the berry bushes to check out their bounty, then she runs back, ready to hop back into the car.  It is pretty amazing.  She gives me this look, like mom, we’re done, let’s go…and pass me a green bean to chew on in the car.  And I always do.

How does your garden grow?