Our Childbearing Years, Really?

by cecimadden

My roommate from college, Mia, is having a baby in a month so we recently made a road trip out to see her and her husband. It is hard to believe we are now in our child bearing years. Yikes! We talked a lot about nesting instincts and birthing classes, and when the expecting couple asked us what was “new” we tried to resist the urge to talk about kid’s movies, eczema, and Rachel’s recent accomplishments. We were unsuccessful. They humored us, saying, “we’ll be there soon,” which was actually really reassuring.

Friendships that stand the test of time are the best, and oh how the times have changed. No more power hours or keg stands for us, but we can still have fun…

We took Rachel to the cutest park one day. One of us tried teaching Rachel how to walk the balance beam, but I won’t say who. Rachel ran all around, walked up and down the slides, and had particular fun in this tunnel.

We all reveled at her static-filled hair after coming down the slide, and her attempts to do the splits.

For me, the most fun was watching Mia interact with my daughter. So, so special. I can’t wait to interact with hers.

Enjoy the rest of this Labor Day weekend, everyone.